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Xpertize Solutions SOC leverages Next-gen SIEM, AI, UBA, and Threat Intel

combined with an expert cyber security team to protect your

business 24×7 at a starting price less than what it would take you to

hire a single security analyst.

What is SOC-as-a-Service?

SOC-as-a-Service is a comprehensive security solution that offers 24/7 active monitoring of internal assets, endpoints, and cloud applications to detect and proactively analyze potential threats. All solutions and assets send their logs to a centralized SIEM solution, which centrally stores and correlates the data. In the event of any anomalies or breaches, alerts are generated and passed on to SOC analysts for further investigation. These analysts then perform triage, and provide detailed alerts, incident information, recommendations, and next steps to the customer for resolution.

Get 24x7 coverage with Xpertize Solutions’s Security Operation Center

Get 24x7 coverage with Xpertize Solutions’s Security Operation Center

High Cost

Hiring and Training Security team inhouse is expensive. Keeping a pace with ever increasing threat landscape is also one of the biggest challenges in inhouse SOC

Cybersecurity Skillset GAP

Threat vectors are increasing every day and so is the demand to contain & protect the IT infrastructure from these threat vectors.

High Dwell Time

Detecting & Containment of the attack quickly is the sole success criteria of SOC. Dwell Time of inhouse SOC is 45+ days- Higher time means higher cost

Click hereDetails to download the Whitepaper – “Why is it beneficial to Outsource the SOC than to build inhouse”

SOC-as-a-Service - Features & Benefits

Hire us as your Armored Security Shield

Strengthen your Security posture with our highly skilled and expert security team and reap the capabilities of a modern security operations center without the investment.

SOC 2 Type II and ISO-27K Certified SOC
Industry-beating Priced Premium Quality Service
300+ customers across 10+ countries
Global SOC Locations
Month-to-Month Subscription Contracts
Fixed Monthly Fee (No Nickel-&-Dime!)
No Extra Charges for Onboarding
USA Azure or Locally Hosted Data
30-Min Gold SLA

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What our MSP, MSSP Partners and End Clients say about us?

Xpertize Solutions has been a great partner and allows us to get into the MSSP space without expense of an in-house SOC. They are very responsive, professional, and accommodating to all our customers needs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About SOC

A Security operations center is a 24×7 operation focused on remediating security threats. In today’s digital world, hackers are getting cleverer by every day. Therefore, SOC with cutting-edge technology needs to be leveraged by every company to detect, triage, and defect the security threats.

No, Xpertize Solutions bundles all service aspects in monthly invoice, and there are no hidden charges.

Click here to download the Whitepaper – “Why is it beneficial to Outsource the SOC than to build inhouse”

Security information and event management (SIEM)collect and aggregate logs from all IT infrastructure in one place and analyze them against the Use Cases to detect malicious activities.
Security Operation Centre (SOC)provides 24×7 monitoring of the environment leveraging SIEM solution where analysts triage each security alert for potential False Positive & True Positive.

Customers can request any number of SIEM Use Cases and custom SOC reports during the service without paying anything extra.