Cybersecurity Awareness Training-as-a-Service

« Empowering your employees to be your first defense against cyber threats. »

Our Cybersecurity Awareness Training equips your employees with the knowledge and skills to recognize and respond to cyber threats, making them your first defense against cyber attacks.

Xpertize Solutions Cybersecurity Awareness Training

85 percent of all successful data breaches in 2020 involved the human element.

Every organization’s first line of defense against cyber threats is its employees, but unfortunately, they’re also the weakest security link. To protect your business from cyber attacks, your employees must be equipped with the knowledge and skills to recognize cybersecurity risks such as phishing scams, password hacks, trained to respond and share information appropriately. Rigorous cybersecurity awareness training is the key to turning this human weakness into a strength.

The first step towards a more secure business is always cybersecurity awareness. It’s self-explanatory – employees can’t avoid phishing attempts if they don’t know what one looks like. Effective cybersecurity awareness training keeps all employees up-to-date on cyber threats and how to handle them. Employees can adopt best practices across all platforms by providing proactive cybersecurity training, minimizing the risk of a successful cyber attack.

Why Cybersecurity Awareness

Cybersecurity Awareness is a Continuous behavior modeling process covering topics and practices, including:

  • Basic cyber hygiene
  • Social engineering threats you
  • Threat recognition and response
  • Attack simulations
  • Review of security guidelines and policies
  • Personal responsibilities in corporate cybersecurity

Develop a culture of awareness to encourage employees to make good choices online

  • Learn about risks like phishing and business email compromise.
  • Awareness of current threats and types of social engineering attacks
  • Content tailored to the needs of the specific country, region, role, and responsibilities.
  • GDPR
  • And many more
  • No Onboarding & Transition Fee
  • Monthly Subscription
  • Monthly contracts
  • Guidance from industry experts
  • Dedicated and skilled team
  • Detect emerging and evolving simulation techniques
  • Mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities
  • Make cyber champion workforce

Xpertize Solutions 5T Approach

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Cybersecurity Awareness Training FAQ’s

Socially engineered messages are messages that “appear legitimate and from a trustworthy source” sent by a malicious entity to direct users into performing specific actions such as opening an attachment, visiting a website, revealing account credentials, providing sensitive information, or transferring money. Socially engineered messages are likely to be work-related, infer a sense of urgency, or target a specific interest of users. They may also appear to come from someone known to users, such as a colleague, senior manager, or authoritative part of their organization (e.g., the information technology, human resources, or finance areas).

The one answer is – Anyone and everyone

  • Users
  • high profile individuals
  • senior managers and their staff
  • system administrators
  • staff members from human resources, sales, marketing, finance, and legal areas.
  • Contractors, suppliers, etc.

If you suspect that you have received a socially engineered message, do not delete or forward it. Contact your organization’s information technology help desk or security team and seek advice on how to proceed.

Security information and event management (SIEM)collect and aggregate logs from all IT infrastructure in one place and analyze them against the Use Cases to detect malicious activities.
Security Operation Centre (SOC)provides 24×7 monitoring of the environment leveraging SIEM solution where analysts triage each security alert for potential False Positive & True Positive.

A business email compromise is when criminals use email to abuse trust in business processes to scam organizations out of money or goods. Criminals can impersonate business representatives using similar names, domains, and/or fraudulent logos as legitimate organizations, using compromised email accounts, and pretending to be trusted co-workers. Common scams associated with business email compromise include; Invoice fraud, Employee impersonation, and Company impersonation.