Patch Management-as-a-Service

“Stay ahead of vulnerabilities with Xpertize Solutions Patch Management-as-a-Service.”

Xpertize Solutions Patch Management-as-a-Service keeps your servers and systems up-to-date and secure by regularly updating patches, deploying missing patches, and addressing hot security vulnerabilities. With a defined schedule and rule set, you can trust us to keep your applications patched and endpoints protected while you focus on growing your business.

Xpertize Solutions Patch Management-as-a-Service?

Patch Management-as-a-Service is a cloud-based solution that automates patching and updating Workstations, Laptops, Windows servers, IoT devices & Mobile phones. It allows you to centrally manage and apply patches across infrastructure, reducing the need for manual intervention. It can help minimize downtime and improve security. Xpertize Solutions Patch Management automates routine tasks such as patching and updating drivers to ensure that systems are always running at optimal performance. Overall, patch management is the practice of monitoring and applying software updates to computers or servers to maintain security and reliability.

Xpertize Solutions PM-as-a-Service Process

Why Xpertize Solutions Patch Management-as-a-Service?

Patch Management is important for each organization as it helps to protect against security vulnerabilities and potential threats by keeping software and systems updated and patched.

Improved Security

By regularly applying patches and updates, a Patch Management Service helps to address known vulnerabilities and potential threats, which can help to protect an organization's network and data from cyber-attacks.

Increased Productivity

With a Patch Management Service, IT staff can focus on other important tasks rather than having to spend time manually patching systems and applications.

Reduced Downtime

By proactively addressing issues and vulnerabilities, a Patch Management Service can help to minimize the risk of system downtime and related disruptions.


many regulations, like HIPAA, SOC2, PCI-DSS, and others, require regular patches and updates to maintain compliance. A patch management service can help organizations to meet these regulatory requirements.

Cost Savings

With a Patch Management Service, organizations can avoid costly and time-consuming manual patching processes, which can help to reduce overall IT costs

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Frequently Asked Questions About Patch Management

Vulnerability & Patch Management-as-a-Service (VPMS) is a service offered by third-party companies that helps organizations identify and remediate vulnerabilities in their systems and applications. The service includes regular scanning, assessment, and patching of vulnerabilities.

Vulnerability & Patch Management is important because cybercriminals can exploit vulnerabilities in systems and applications to gain unauthorized access or launch attacks. Organizations can reduce the risk of a successful attack by identifying and patching vulnerabilities.

Vulnerabilities found during Vulnerability & Patch Management include software bugs, configuration errors, and misconfigured settings. They can also include outdated software or missing security patches.

Vulnerability & Patch Management frequency can vary depending on the organization and its risk profile. However, it is generally recommended to conduct regular scans and patch vulnerabilities as soon as they are discovered.

The cost of Vulnerability & Patch Management-as-a-Service can vary depending on the scope of the service, the number of systems and applications being managed, and the level of customization required. Organizations should discuss pricing options with potential service providers.